Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness - 3/24 Singing Time

I love March Madness and was really excited to find this idea:

I'll have one kid shoot 4 various sized balls into a basket.  If he/she puts 1 in we'll sing I Am A Child of God, if 2 baskets are made we'll sing Did Jesus Really Live Again, 3 baskets will be My Heavenly Father Loves Me and we'll sing When He Comes Again if 4 shots go in.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Easter Sunday

I'm going to make singing time for Easter Sunday really easy this year.  I'll get some plastic Easter eggs and put names or pages of Primary songs in each egg.  They I'll hide the eggs around the room, choose a child to find an egg and then sing the song that's inside.  Easy peasy.

When He Comes Again

Because I'm having a baby in June and because our Primary already knows If the Savior Stood Beside Me pretty well,  this month I'll be teaching When He Comes Again in addition to the song our Ward Music Leader asked the Primary to sing for Easter Sunday - Did Jesus Really Live Again?

We'll use a flip chart I found HERE and an idea from Sugardoodle to learn When He Comes Again.  It'll go something like this:

In Jr. singing time I'll gave the children a piece of the flip chart (there are 12 pages for the 2 verses) - but not in order.

They'll look at their pictures (and words if they can read) and then we'll sing the first line and the person who thinks he/she has it raises a hand and I'll have him/her come and hold up the picture. Then we'll sing from the beginning including the next line and the person who has that one comes up, etc.

For the 2nd verse - I'll take away all the first verse pages and have all the 2nd verse page holders come to the front and get in the order they thought it might go. Then we'll sing the 2nd verse and see if they were right. If they weren't, they'll rearrange. Then we'll sing it again.

In Sr. singing time -  I'll give the first verse out in the wrong order to 6 children. Some others who don't have pictures will rearrange the kids holding the pictures how they think it should be - they'll have the length of time it takes to play the song on the piano. Then they'll hide their pictures from everyone and we'll sing the verse. Then they'll show the pictures again and decide whether this was their final answer.  And then we'll sing the verse with the pictures showing. We'll do the same for the 2nd verse.