Saturday, June 29, 2013

4th of July idea

Our sweet baby boy was born last Friday so I won't be leading the music for a while.  But I saw this great idea and wanted to remember it for next year:  Make a paper flag with everything but the stars. Cut stars out of paper and write song names on them, hide the stars around the room, and have the kids find them and put them on the flag. Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Planning Ahead

Next year I'd like to do this for Father's Day:

June Singing Time

I'm a week late for June.  Last week (6/2) we went over the Father's Day medley we're singing in Sacrament Meeting on the 16th (found HERE) and we also reviewed We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet by using idea #5 found on THIS PAGE at  The kids remembered it from before and it was a fun review day for them.

Tomorrow (6/9) we'll sing the Father's Day medley once or twice.  They know it pretty well now so I won't spend much time on it.  After that we'll review the first verse of If the Savior Stood Beside Me with the idea from a blog called "What These Hands Do" found with THIS LINK.  If they remember it well enough we'll go on to the second verse.

On Father's Day (6/16) we'll be singing Families Can Be Together Forever in Jr. Primary and the Sr. Primary will review We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet and If the Savior Stood Beside Me.  I'll probably use the same silly dad picture I used last year because it's cute and I already have it. This day is also my due date for baby #6! so I don't think I'll be around to lead the singing for the rest of June and I'll have a substitute for July and August as well.  If you don't see any new posts from me, this is why.  Have a good summer!

"Hot"... Whatever

I saw this idea online today and wanted to post it to remind myself that's it's a good idea for reviewing a song.

"We play "Hot ClipBoard" like hot potato but I pass around a clip board with paper and pencil on it. When the pianist stops (at her will) the kid holding the clip board has to write the next 5 words, and so do I. It actually stumps me too and sometimes the kids win. For Junior primary I have them pass around an object and when the music stops I just have them say the next words.  Any object is fine, just call it "hot."

Thanks,  Amanda Dickerson Merrill from Primary Choristers forum on facebook.