Sunday, May 13, 2012

When I Am Baptized

To teach the primary kids this song, I'll be using a flip chart found here.

My wonderful sister shared this great idea with me to help make it a little more fun.  I'm not sure where she found it, but I'll do a variation of what's below:

PREPARATION: make ribbon wands for each child using a popcicle stick and about 3
feet of inexpensive ribbon. I get it at Michaels 3 spools for a dollar satin
ribbon about 1/4" wide. You may want to make them rainbow colors.

SUPPLIES: Colored chalk.

Give ribbon wands to teachers enough for their class before you start to sing.

Last week we learned one of my favorite Primary songs. This week I want to have
some fun with the song.

ATTENION GETTER: Sometimes a composer paints a picture with the music. Listen
and see if you can see what the composer is painting in the first line of this
song. Take a piece of colored chalk and on its side draw a large arch on the
chalkboard as you sing the first line of the song. What do you think he is

Sing second line of the song and draw another arch with a different color of
Explain how the composer is making a rainbow by having the music go up in pitch
and then down.

We want to sing these lines very Legato, or smooth. See if you can make this
very Legato. Take a big breath and try to sing the whole line of the song
without taking a breath. Sing these two lines a couple of times very legato.

Now. Listen to the next line of the song. What do you think the composer is
painting with this part of the song. Draw raindrops up and down with the pitch
of the song as you sing. What do you think? Isn't it amazing how this song can
paint a picture? When the rain falls, is it smooth or is in disconnected?
Disconnected in music is called staccato. When we sing this line lets sing the
words disconnected or staccato.

Pass out ribbon wands. Now lets try something fun. When we sing the first two
lines lets make big arches back and forth like our rainbow. When we sing the
rain part, maybe we can make little squiggles up and down like the rain falling.

Bear Testimony: Music can do many wonderful things. It can paint pictures, and
it can invite the spirit to help us gain a testimony of the principles of the
gospel we sing about. Have you felt the spirit as we've sung this beautiful
song? I know that we can learn many important lessons from our Primary songs
that will help us all our lives......

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