Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday idea

Found this idea to celebrate the Primary's Birthday.  Each candle will have a number.  As the kids pick them, either tell a Primary history fact or we'll sing a Primary song. Here's the link to the birthday candle clip art:

And here are some fun Primary facts to refer to:

*Primary was first organized in 1878 by Aurelia Spencer Rogers in Farmington, Utah, she was a 44 year old mother of 12.
*Children ages 4-14 were invited to the participate in the first primary
*It was adopted church wide in 1880
*Rogers was concerned because younger Latter-day Saint children weren't being taught basic principles and values.
*Rogers felt that the younger boys in the community were becoming unruly and mischievous.
*The first primary... meeting was held on August 28, with 224 children in attendance. They decided that girls were allowed to come so the singing would sound prettier.
*At the first primary boys were specifically taught not to steal fruit from orchards and girls were taught not to hang on wagons. In addition, they were given lessons on faith, manners,obedience, and other worthy principles.
*Sister May Anderson, the second general president of the Primary Association from initiated what became Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.
*In the 1970s the Primary Association was renamed Primary.
*There have been 12 General Primary Presidents since 1878!
*135 years later there are now over 1 million primary children all over the world!

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