Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Review

I love how easy other bloggers make this calling. 

This week I'll be doing a back-to-school review singing time.  I spent a small fortune on all my kids' school supplies last week and will be happy to put them to good use before they take them to school on Wednesday.

Here's the original post . Thanks Singing on Sunday!

Gather the following items: backpack, eraser, glue, markers, ruler, calculator, pencil, scissors, sharpener
Tape the following instructions on all the items except the backpack (that's just for holding everything):
ERASER: “Erase" (don’t sing) the words “choose” and “right” in the song Choose the Right.
GLUE: Glue your legs together and your arms to your sides so you hold really still while we sing I Feel My Savior's Love.
MARKERS: Only sing Nephi’s Courage when you are wearing the same color as the marker that is held up.
RULER: Measure the volume as we sing Stand for the Right.  Point to 1 inch for softer up to 12 inches for louder.
CALCULATOR: Count how many times we sing the word “every” in Every Star is Different.
PENCIL: Have a child come up and use the pencil to lead the song As a Child of God.
SCISSORS: Sing When I am Baptized legato (smoothly) as if it were a piece of paper for the verse.  Then when we sing the chorus, cut it up by singing staccato (choppy).
SHARPENER: Sharpen the song by enunciating each word for I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.

Before primary, hide the 8 objects around the room.

Tell the kids you need help getting ready for school and need to find your school supplies.  Have the primary help you find the hidden items.  As they are found, follow the instructions taped on and place them into the backpack.

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