Friday, February 8, 2013

Conversation Hearts

Last week I taught the kids the 1st verse to My Heavenly Father Loves Me by using pictures with the Jr. primary and adding scripture verses to the pictures for Sr. primary.  This week I'll teach them the 2nd verse with a flip chart and then drill the words into their little brains with a "heart attack".  I'll print out conversation hearts like the ones found here.  I'll cut out the hearts and put directions for how to sing the song on the back of each heart.  For example, on the backs I'll write "Boys Only" or "Girls Only" or "Sing Verse 1" or "Sing Verse 2", etc.  I'll have the hearts taped up around the room and use the choosing sticks to have a child pick a heart and then do what it says on the back.

Thanks to Brittney for the conversation heart printables!

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