Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review Game with Dice

I got the idea for this game called "Doubles" here.  Thanks to Camille's Primary Ideas for always being a great place for fun ideas.

I didn't order the big dice like she did, I just used regular sized dice.  Other than that we played the game just like she described on her blog:

"For Senior Primary, I'll divide the Primary into 4 teams (we had 5 teams and didn't have colors) - red, yellow, blue and green.  Each team will get 2 dice in their color (so I'll only be using 8 of the 12 dice).  I'll divide the chalkboard into 4 sections and write the team colors on each section for score keeping.  The teams will probably want to move their chairs into a circle so the dice can be quickly passed, or you can have everyone move to the floor in a circle, or just have one child from each team come up to the front of the room and roll there - it will probably depend on the size of your Primary.  I can't decide what I want to do.
To play, we'll start singing the first song, I Am a Child of God.   One child from each team will start rolling their 2 dice.  As soon as a team gets doubles, they will shout out "DOUBLES."  The singing will immediately stop, and that team has to quickly come up with the rest of the phrase of the song.  If they get it right, their team will get a point on the chalkboard.  If they do not, we continue on with the song  with no points.  The dice will be passed to the next teammate after anyone on any team rolls "doubles." We'll continue to sing all the verses of all our songs.  Hopefully everyone will get a few chances to roll the dice.
My ideal would be to get through all 8 verses of these songs twice but we'll see how rowdy things get.
For Junior Primary I think I'll just have 4 kids come up at a time and roll their dice.  When someone gets doubles, we'll stop and the Primary has to help that child come up with the rest of the phrase.  So no teams.  Once doubles are rolled, the 4 kids will be rotated to a new group of 4.  Hopefully each child will be able to roll a few times and we'll again, get through all the verses of all the songs twice.
note:  If I'm finding doubles are not being rolled quickly enough, I'll add in the 3rd dice to each team which would obviously increase the odds of rolling doubles."
We sang  I Am a Child of God and My Heavenly Father Loves Me.  The Sr. Primary loved this game and it did get a little rowdy.  The Jr. Primary probably had fun too, but it was harder for them to understand the concept of "doubles" (especially the little kids).  It's a fun review game that I'd reserve for Sr. Primary next time.

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