Saturday, February 4, 2012

Choose The Right - Focus on the Chorus

This week I'll teaching the chorus of Choose the Right with ideas from Camille's Singing in Primary Blog.

CTR Shields (enough for each child to hold): Shields found HERE

Key words on word strips: WISDOM, MARK THE WAY, LIGHT, BLESS YOU

Tape/magnets to hang items on chalkboard

3 Gospel Art Book pictures (I'll reference these as GAB):
  • Picture of boy praying #111
  • Picture of a family paying their tithing/coins #113/114
  • Picture of a family at church receiving the Sacrament #108

Pass out CTR shields and ask, I am thinking of a word that is the opposite of wrong, what is it? [right]. When I place a choice before you and the choice is a RIGHT choice, raise your CTR shield:

  1. You choose to say your morning prayer (hold up GAB picture 111 & hang on chalk board).
  2. You choose to say bad words when you are angry.
  3. You choose to pay your tithing (hold up GAB picture 113/114 and hang on chalkboard).
  4. You choose to sleep in and miss church.
  5. You choose to be reverent during the Sacrament (hold up GAB picture 108 & hang on chalkboard).

Choosing to do the right is not always easy, but we receive blessings when we try.

Sing the chorus and have the kids raise their shields when "choose the right" is sung. You point to each picture as the phrase is sung as well (these 3 pictures represent the phrase "choose the right" each time it's sung in the chorus).

Hang key words out of order on the chalkboard.

Pick children at random to help place words in order as you sing until correct (keep raising the CTR shields when you sing “choose the right” too). The words will be placed between the GAB pictures so hang the GAB pictures accordingly. Since Jr. Primary can’t read, I’ll pick a card, tell them the word and they will have to help me place it in order.

I'll use a flip chart found here to help teach the chorus and then I'll review the chorus a few times by:

  • Boys sing only "Choose the right" (hold up their shields), Girls sing the rest/switch
  • Younger children sing "Choose the right," (hold up their shields) teachers and leaders sing the rest
  • Gradually remove key words so only the pictures remain on the board

If the children get the hang of the chorus and we still have enough time left, I'll probably introduce the 1st verse.

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