Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choose The Right - Verse One

This is what I did last week to teach verse one of Choose the Right. (The idea HERE is from Amy Greenway on Sugardoodle.)

Wrap one box beautifully w/ ribbon etc. and cover another smaller box with brown craft paper and wrap it so that it's open and they can see that there isn't anything inside. Show them that the smaller, brown one is empty. Ask them which gift they would choose? (Call on the child who won't give the sassy answer. :) ) The beautiful one is the obvious choice. Then stick a sign on the brown one that says "RIGHT." Ask them if they would change their mind if someone they trusted told them that the RIGHT choice was the brown one and they would be happier if they chose it. Again, recognize the kids that give the appropriate answer, ignore the rest. Say the words, pointing to two the boxes, "Choose the right when a choice is placed before you."

I made a point of teaching the kids that sometimes the right choice is the choice that doesn't look as fun - like choosing not to go to the party that all your friends will be at, or not watching the latest movie that has questionable values.

Back to the song: Quickly add these items to the box: A sign that says "the Holy Spirit Guides", a small flashlight, a large paper heart (fold it in half to get it in the box if you need to) that says "CONFIDES." Go over the first line again and then dramatically point into the box and say "IN the right the (pull out the sign) Holy Spirit guides." Go over/repeat as needed.

Pull out the flashlight, describe how the Holy Ghost could be a light to guide your choices. Turn it on, shine it above your head and make a circle motion toward the ceiling with it. Explain that the sign language sign for "forever" (actually it's for "always", but close enough, right?) is making a circle as you point up. As you make a flashlight circle on the ceiling repeat "And It's light is forever shining ore you."

As you say "when in the right" point again into the "right" box and pull out the heart that says "CONFIDES." Tell them what confides means then teach them the line "when in the right your HEART CONFIDES." Repeat each line and then point to props while reviewing the first verse together.

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