Saturday, February 18, 2012

Four Corners

This is what I'll be doing next week to review the 2 songs we've learned for 2012, found HERE at Primary Music Notes blog.

On four large pieces of colored paper write the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4, then post them in each of the four corners of the room (hence the name of the game...four corners). Choose the first helper. This child comes up front and closes his/her eyes. (I'll probably use a blindfold of some kind.) Choose a class to go first. While singing (and stealthily reviewing the songs!), the kids in the class move around and position themselves in any of the corners. When we are done singing the child up front (still blindfolded) "chooses" a corner. Everyone in the corner that was named is "out" and has to sit down. Then the child up front closes their eyes and we sing again, etc.

If a corner is empty, let the guesser know not to pick that corner.
When there are four or less kids, tell them not to be in a corner with anyone else and at that point the guesser chooses the corner to be the "winner". The winner is then the guesser for the next class.

More than one class up at a time.
Just the teachers move to the corners.

I love review games that will work with any song!

*Update: This game worked quite well for Sr. Primary, but the younger kids needed a lot of help from their teachers.

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