Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choose The Right - UNO!

I did this activity a few weeks ago. I got the idea found HERE at Primary Music Notes' blog.

First I made my board:

I did it on one black piece of poster board. Then I covered it with contact paper so I could use it over and over again. I went through my family version of UNO and collected cards that I would use: Numbers 1, 2 and 3, Wild Cards, Reverse and Skip.

If a number card was chosen, the kids had to sing that color of square however many times the card said. For example, if he/she drew a red 2 we sang the words in the red square twice.

When one of the REVERSE card was drawn, the children had to turn around and sing that colored square without looking!

And when the SKIP card allowed a kid to remove some of the words from that colored square. Then we sang that color once.

Next were the WILD cards. When one of these were drawn the kids had to sing the entire song (all the squares). That is because the card shows all the colors!

I think the key to playing this game successfully is to keep it moving along quickly, without any lags so the kids don't get distracted.

The Sr. Primary loved this game so much that they asked to play it again the following week. I think this would work better as a review game, instead of one to start teaching a song with. The Jr. Primary struggled with it partly because I was using this game as a first introduction to the song and partly just because it was a more challenging activity.

***EXTRA NOTE*** To make this easier on my pianist I photocopied the song for her and marked the portions on the song with the corresponding colors. That was if I said "Blue square twice" she knew exactly what to play!


  1. I was just wondering how Uno went for you last week. I did the same thing and was so excited for it, but I felt the experience was a little mediocre. Even with pulling 2 cards at a time the kids weren't engaged and we ended up doing wiggle songs.

    I'm not sure what could improve the experience for the kids, but on the whole, this wasn't a favorite for us.

    1. I just updated this post if you're interested. The older kids had a super great time with this and I know I'll be doing it again to review songs with Sr. primary. The 2nd time we played, I took out a lot of the number cards and used more of the fun cards. And when we were done singing one part of the song I made sure to have another child ready to pick the next card.

      I wish the Jr. primary liked it as much because I hate doing different activities for Jr. and Sr. singing time.